Good News for Buyers & Ethics Legislation for IL

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 National Rept Says in Chicago it’s “MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE TO BUY THAN TO RENT”

Credit Scores As Low As 500 Can Qualify For Financing

Out of 50 U.S. cities analyzed by Trulia, their recent quarterly report shows that Chicago is among 36 cities that are considered “MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE TO BUY THAN TO RENT.”

You may be thinking, “What does that mean for me?”  It means you should consider buying residential property even if you’re thinking about buying property as an investment.  As we all know, prices are pretty depressed right now, but they will be going up.  If you buy at these prices, you’ll be glad you did when prices go back up.

Don’t think you can?  Why wonder when you can just give it a shot?  You won’t know until you try.  Getting pre-qualified is a quick and easy process.  You just go to a bank or mortgage company and bring your ID and proof of income.  With a credit score as low as 500, I can advise you where you can go to qualify for financing.  If you need a referral, just let me know.  Remember, if you know someone already in foreclosure we might be able to help.  Tell them to call me anytime.

Ethics Legislation You Might Want to Consider Supporting

If you’re fed up with pay-to-play politics, I have good news.  U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley, a Northwest Side Democrat, and Republican, U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk announced ethics legislation on Monday. 

According to the Chicago Sun-times, “One bill would allow Illinois to ban those who hold or bid on large transportation contracts from giving campaign contributions to statewide officeholders who have influence over those contracts. It closes a loophole on a ban that already applies to all other large state contracts.”

“The other ethics measure…would respond to a 2010 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that limits the ability of prosecutors to criminally charge public officials and executives with a failure to deliver ‘honest services.’”

“The measure backed by Kirk and Quigley would restore other definitions of theft of honest services, such as financial self-dealing. It would prohibit an officeholder, the officeholder’s spouse and the officeholder’s private business from benefitting financially from the officeholder’s elected office. ”

For information on these current US bills, click here, look in the middle section for “Legislation in Current Congress” and type in the corresponding bill numbers.

  • Introduced 3/17/11, the transparency bill is:  HR1144. 
  • Introduced 5/13/11, the ethics legislation is:  HR1924. 

Registered voters in the 5th Congressional District can go to Congressman Mike Quigley’s contact page on his website to voice their support for these two bills.  Here’s the link.

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