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Tax Deductions Ending 12/31/11 & 12/31/12

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I would like to wish every VFW a Happy Veterans Day and thank you for ensuring our freedom and democracy.  We can never thank you enough for your courage and immeasurable sacrifices.

Good news:  I found an article with major income tax deductions you can still take.  However, the bad news is some of these deductions expire 12/31/11 like the mortgage insurance premium deduction and some expire 12/31/12 like the marriage penalty equalization.  To contact the IRS with questions about these deductions, please click here.

If you would like to contact your US Senator about extending the deadlines, go to this link.  To find your US Congressman in the House of Representatives, so you can contact them, too, please click here

Here’s the article I mentioned where unfortunately, after 12/31/11, school teachers can no longer take their $250 deduction for buying school supplies for their students.

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